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Why Druppelzorg®

Recommended by ophthalmologists and opticians!

Drip your own eyes

With this appliance you can, without any help,drip your eyes yourself. Easy and safe!

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Fits almost always

The glasses are designed they will fit all common sizes of bottles and pumps and they are firmly attached. Simply choose the hole where your bottle stays in place.


Read the instruction before use.

Note: The glasses are not suitable for Minims pipettes with a long neck. The glasses can not be used with eye gels as well.

Smart4eyes box

Everything you need for your cataract operation!

Mrs. Van Glabbeek from Valkenswaard about the glasses

"I just love them. I can't go without them anymore!" (video in Dutch)


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About Druppelzorg®

Druppelzorg is a registered trademark

Recommended by ophthalmologists and opticians

Druppelzorg BV has been founded by Evert van Voorst.

His own eye problems confronted him with issues many people have. Most people need help to apply eye drops correctly. Appliances are available, but expensive and only suitable for one brand.

These problems are history with the Eye Drop glasses. You don’t need any help from others anymore.


Chamber of Commerce: 75399164

Jacqueline van Ginkel
Jacqueline van Ginkel
Zorgveranderaar bij TWB Thuiszorg met Aandacht
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The most beautiful ‘ innovation ‘ of the year, if you ask me. Beautiful in its simplicity, and designed and in the market by a client who wanted to drip his eyes. Now 20 purchased at TWB, Thuiszorg met Aandacht and the experiences are brilliant. Today: Client before: 4 times a day drip for a month. Guided her with glasses for another day and ready:). This saves 28 hours of care excl. travel time, planning etc. Meanwhile, discussions are taking place from hospital to intake surgery so that we are no longer needed and can put our employees in for people who need us.
Antoinette Witjes
Antoinette Witjes
gebruikt voor zoontje (4)
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First of all, I am a huge fan of the eye-drop glasses. Work in home care and try to introduce the drop glasses as much as possible to clients who need to drop eye-drops temporarily or daily in order to stimulate their independence. On October 2, our 4-year-old son had surgery and he had to drip twice a day for a week. The dripping had a huge impact on him, so I thought, I'm going to use the eye-drop glasses. Then he himself is doing it, with help, so the fear of the drop can then be completely taken away. Well it was a success, the glasses fit him well and we dripped for a week without stress for our son. And he was very proud that he could do it himself and wanted to show it to everyone. Thought, share this with you. It could be of great help to many parents to reduce fear of eye-dripping at children.
Corry Schellenkens
Corry Schellenkens
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I am very happy with your invention. It is now the third time that I have ordered one: all for friends and acquaintances. They've been practicing with mine for a while and want one too. Really great, those drop glasses. I found out about your product through a friend who works at Buurtzorg and I now promote it to everyone who has problems with eye drops. Many thanks and good luck with your activities!
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Thank you very much for the drop glasses. We have started trying with home care, and it is going very well. I have canceled the home care and I can now only drip.
Greet Vos
Greet Vos
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Yesterday I received the ordered glasses from you. I manage to do it with one hand! I am very happy with it and I will advertise it! Thank you for this invention!
Mw. Van Dam
Mw. Van Dam
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I am so happy with the glasses. Order a second one so that I have one on my lower and upper floor. Because now I always have to think about taking the glasses up in the evening. A second pair of glasses is more convenient. Very happy with your invention!
Marianne Vlietstra
Marianne Vlietstra
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Yesterday received the glasses you designed to allow my eyes to drip in a correct way. Fantastic what an invention, the egg of Columbus! I still have a long time to go, had cataract surgery on the right last week and I will receive a donor corneal endothelium on April 10. If it all went well then the left eye is next. I will certainly pass this information on to my ophthalmologist. Thank you,

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